smarty suport

Vytenis Kučiauskas 8 лет назад в Plugin announcements • обновлен 8 лет назад 2
We need suport for smarty

Remove license from dev releases

Frankie The Coin 8 лет назад • обновлен bizoo 8 лет назад 3

Licensing dev releases in my opinion is not the best idea. Most of us it's using to make test on it. Help during development create some ideas. 

In other hand paying for not stable (development) release it's no really a best idea either. I'm really looking forward to pay for sublime. But not when the future is a bit fogy. 

jasmine plugin

Tejas Dinkar 8 лет назад в Plugin announcements • обновлен Sergey Shepelev 7 лет назад 1


Notice the forked from ;-).

Although, it is still quite immature


Portable USB Version

Jason Davis 8 лет назад • обновлен Sergey Zarovski 8 лет назад 1
I would really like to see a portable version of Sublime2 that can be run from a USB on any computer!

select all, copy and past in the save dialog box

phaitour 8 лет назад • обновлен Kilian Ciuffolo ⚡_ 6 лет назад 1
allow keyboard shortcuts in the save dialog box.

Please can someone make a video, On how to view the code in Google Chrome please for windows ?!

ILoveMinus 7 лет назад • обновлен Joel Thornton 7 лет назад 1

Please can someone make a video, On how to view the code I made in Sublime text in Google Chrome please for Windows XP ?! I tried viewing all the forum messages but still can't figure it out! :(


new versions window alert

Simón ヅ 8 лет назад • обновлен Adi Roiban 7 лет назад 5
It's very annoying. It opens a window alert every time that I open this editor because there is another new version.

Why Sublime Text is not free?

Ángel 7 лет назад • обновлен Andreas Backx 6 лет назад 2
Why don't make Sublime Text open-source? Or almost make it free?
For me, TextMate is better than Sublime Text, and Textmate is now open-source.

It would be great to do Sublime Text open-source too...

Continuous save

James Carruthers 8 лет назад • обновлен aristidesfl 8 лет назад 1

Every change made to the text file is saved automatically, no need to keep saving the file.

Saves having to hit apple+s before going to your browser and hitting refresh — for instance.


Remove JSON comments from settings files

guillermooo 8 лет назад • обновлен rsp 6 лет назад 10
JSON should not allow comments in files. (Maybe this has been fixed already.)

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