Sublime Text 2 is a text editor for OS X, Linux and Windows, currently in beta.


Support for reverse mouse wheel using Autohotkey

JCarles Vilaseca 6 years ago • updated 6 years ago 0
I'm using this Autohotkey config:

    Send {WheelDown}

    Send {WheelUp}

NCL plugin?

ENoble 5 years ago • updated by robertcollier4 5 years ago 1

Hi, I just stumbled upon SublimeText today.  There is a programming language I use called NCL (

I would like to use this editor with it. The NCL group provides a link where any group can create a plugin for their editor here,

Is it possible someone at SublimeText could do this? I don't know how. 

I will try to do so in 10 days. 


Make XML syntax definition mark invalid double-hyphen inside comment

Ola Vikholt 5 years ago 0
In other words, please apply this patch or some variation of it.

diff --git a/a b/XML.tmLanguage

index 9438f60..bbb5823 100644

--- a/a

+++ b/XML.tmLanguage

@@ -109,6 +109,15 @@




+                       <key>patterns</key>

+                       <array>

+                               <dict>

+                                       <key>match</key>

+                                       <string>--</string>

+                                       <key>name</key>

+                                       <string>invalid.illegal.double-hyphen-in-comment.xml</string>

+                               </dict>

+                       </array>





Erlang syntax highlighting error (with potential fix!)

Anselm Eickhoff 5 years ago 0

In Erlang, fun is not only a keyword for lambdas, but can also be used in -spec macro directives.


-spec for_house_of(Type :: row|column|box,
  Pos :: integer(),
  AccStart :: X,
  Fun :: fun((Pos :: integer(), Acc::X) -> (Y))
) -> [Y].

This breaks syntax highlighting afterwards though (because Sublime text thinks we're in an anonymous function that has never been ended).

(multiline or single line -spec doesn't matter).

It can be fixed by ignoring the fun keyword if it follows two colons in this case:

Erlang.tmLanguage, line 699





This is only a hack though, because the parameter spec could also be unnamed:

-spec for_house_of(Type :: row|column|box,
  fun((integer(), X) -> (Y))
) -> [Y].

Remove special characters from sublime text 2 directories and files

Nicholas Whittier 7 years ago 0
I am running the Linux (x86_64) build.  I realize that this does not have true feature ramifications, but it would be great if the file/directories were restructured to remove spaces and special characters.   

I love the simple elegance that ST offers almost as much as the straight-forward customization that is available in the config files.  Then I navigate to those config files to find filenames like "Base File (Linux).sublime-settings" and I cringe.

Code comments that show up in sidebar.

Joren Mathews 6 years ago 0
If you could create a comment in code, which would show up readably sized in the sidebar. Something like //!User section would print "User section" legibly where that comment appears floating over the sidebar.

Zen-coding and multiple cursors produces unusual results.

Aaron Spaulding 6 years ago 0

Paste the following text in to ST2 then put cursors after the braces. Press tab:





It produces the following output:






I'd like to be able to configure the behavior (e.g. timeout, number of saves, whatever) of the password prompt for saving documents that require superuser privileges.

David Stults 6 years ago • updated 5 years ago 2
The ability to save files which require superuser privileges is a great option, but for the work I do, I save fairly often, and as a result I get prompted for my password every couple of minutes.  My password is complicated, so this is irritating, and since my workstation is quite secure I'd like the option to loosen the re-prompt frequency.

The Crown Capital Management Global Journalism International Relations Blog: The UK is having a hard time breaking away from trade deficit

Lass Zing 4 years ago 0
The Crown Capital Management Global Journalism International Relations Blog:The UK is having a hard time breaking away from trade deficit

Exports have reached new record levels as it arose, but imports have exceeded as well as its prior highs and thread of shockingly high deficits is almost unchanged. Due to this some scientists say that the recovery will only make the gap grow. The UK continues to import more than they export and are carrying a perpetual trade deficit.

The UK has balanced its trade deficit with income from abroad for a period of time. Many companies and investors who own assets in foreign lands and send back the gains to UK are still enjoying the legacy of the empire.

The positive result on UK’s present account has decreased harshly since the financial crash, but, and the future looks less hopeful.

On this Corner:
The CCM International Relations

HSBC’s chief economist, Stephen King, is also affected by 5% deficit. He argues that that should be down to zero or positive in the aftermath of a severe recession.

King’s concern is that deficits grow in times when many shoppers consume more imported goods than ever. Much better to start from a situation of balance or even a positive balance sooner than the situation worsens.

An appropriate recession, one in which declining wages or mass unemployment that eradicate people’s incomes in total, lessen the import bill noticeably. It is a land that can be seen in Greece, Spain and Portugal, where the horrendous economic and financial conditions they find themselves in have at least improved the trade balance.

The Keynesian answer to the crisis in the UK implemented by Labour and partly sustained by the coalition supports employment and public services; however, as well has the unlucky consequence of preserving high levels of imports. That is the reason the enormous deficits run up by successive governments during and after the recession required to be offset by a major jump in exports.

Regardless of a 25% drop in the significance of sterling, the increase was just small. There are many rival explanations for the reason. The dependence on the EU, which separate from Germany has resisted development since 2008. The inclination for exporters to jack up their prices instead of the increase production as an answer to higher demand is one more long-term problem.

Both give slight motive to expect that an economy that month on month runs a historic elevated deficit previous to the upturn has achieved actual momentum, and with imports increasing further, can evade a mini sterling crisis.

Doomsayers disagree Britain has 18 months to two years to discover its export mojo ahead of it is becoming crystal clear a lower pound is needed. A minor pound would give exporters another increase and perhaps close up the deficit, however, would as well elevate import prices and inflation. Higher inflation, joined with a consumer boom that is mostly based on additional borrowing, may perhaps oblige the Bank of England to jack up interest rates. Whatever supporters of higher rate dispute, a speedy and vicious response from the central bank is unwanted and would convey the recovery to a shaky halt.

File Open behaviour.

Me Whatever 6 years ago • updated 6 years ago 0

The File Open Dialog seems to be an old one. You should be able to type paths that are not valid but sublime to fix the path separator if you typed '/' instead of '\' on Windows. For example opening file at: C:\Folder1/Folder2/Folder3/textfile.txt doesn`t work.
Also alt+v should open the view types, I usually switch to detailed view by using combination cltrl+v then press l and it switches to details view.
Maybe the control is older.