File dirty marker doesn't update on save when buffer has multiple views

Daniel Azuma 13 years ago updated by Jon Skinner 13 years ago 2
If you open a buffer in multiple tabs (using, for example, Goto Anything), make some changes, and save the buffer, the "file dirty" marker asterisk disappears only on the tab that was active when you saved. The other tab retains the asterisk.

Build 2032 on Mac OS X.

* Choose vertical two pane layout.
* Open a file in group 1.
* Switch to group 2. Open the same file there using Goto Anything. The same buffer now appears in two tabs, one in each group.
* Make some changes to the buffer. A "file dirty" marker asterisk appears in both tabs.
* Save the buffer. The asterisk disappears in the tab that was active when the save command was issued, but it remains in the other tab.
Have you tried build 2034?
The bug seems to be fixed as of build 2036. Thanks!