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Cool idea. 

Perhaps this could also be used with the "replace in files" function, e.g. as a "preview replacement results" window that allows manually choosing specific replacements to (not) perform, or using ST's multiple-cursor functionality to do simultaneous edits across all the matches/files.

I think you would want to differentiate the look of the results window from regular file buffers if this type of per-file editing were allowed, e.g. by drawing a horizontal separator line between each match 'chunk'.

Highlighting the entire row where selections exist in the minimap (probably in a different color) would definitely be a good way to go here. 

Another idea: when the user has multiple selections spanning more than one screen, partially or completely replace the minimap with a series of 'thumbnails' of the cursor locations. Probably rendered at half or full font size vs. the main window font size (i.e. actually legible). Permit clicking on the thumbnails to jump to their position in the document and make the clicked thumbnail's cursor the active one (i.e. the single cursor you have after you hit Esc when you have a multiselection).

This would be nice to have coupled with a color picker widget. A nice example of this is seen in Google Chrome when clicking on a color square in the inspector.

This would be handy. I would suggest making it a double click op though.

Agreed. If I'm not mistaken, drop-down boxes were present in Sublime Text 1 and went missing in ST2.

Command-P or Ctrl-P essentially accomplishes this.

Duplicate of http://sublimetext.userecho.com/topic/25170-printing/

The SideBarEnhancements plugin adds Copy and Move context menu actions to the sidebar, as well as several other very useful actions. Unfortunately it does not support drag-and-drop style move/copy which is presumably a limitation of ST2. Still faster than switching over to Finder/Explorer though :)

You will have to be more specific.

Very attractive, nicely done.

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