Copy/Move files in a sidebar

V B 12 years ago updated by Ian Maddox 8 years ago 5
Sidebar file actions are limited to Delete/Rename for some reason. One of the most common tasks when working with projects is rearranging files or folders inside your project directory. Any time I need to quickly move files between folders, I can do it via fast sidebar drag-and-drop in pretty much ANY IDE or programmer editor (like Textmate). Except for ST2, for all its other niceties. Every time I need to copy or move a file I have to take detour into Finder which is VERY frustrating.

This is pretty much THE only missing feature preventing me from buying the product. I'd guess this is a showstopper not only for me but for many other people considering lack of this essential feature as a sign of product immaturity, to put it simply.

+1. That's impossible to understand why there is no way to copy a files in the sidebar. Most of the time I end up creating a new file and copy pasting the content of the old one. And if I need to copy paste a folder... back to the command line, yipiii :)


The SideBarEnhancements plugin adds Copy and Move context menu actions to the sidebar, as well as several other very useful actions. Unfortunately it does not support drag-and-drop style move/copy which is presumably a limitation of ST2. Still faster than switching over to Finder/Explorer though :)


This seems to be an issue on ST3 as well. Is there a solution to the drag and drop issue yet?


Please implement this. It's a little baffling why I can't drag files to move them around from folder to folder.

This must be hard to implement for some technical reason. The plugin that used to implement this feature disappeared about two years ago and it's been more than four years since people started asking for this.

This is the last thing that's keeping me from switching over from Atom full-time.