"Where" box of the Find in Files dialog should have a pull-down

Mike Cline 11 years ago updated by Joel Thornton 11 years ago 1

I did not realize until just now that you could use the arrow keys in the Find in Files dialog's "where" field.  This is great, but not obvious at all. 

A more common idiom in software that remembers past entries is to have a down-arrow on the text field that makes it function like a drop down (containing past entries) when you click the arrow.  I would suggest adding this kind of a drop-down to any text field in sublime where it is possible to view a list of past entries.

Apart from being more obvious to the user, the drop-down has the additional advantage of being able to see all  the options, rather than having to tap tap tap tap on the arrow keys, where you have find trade off speed vs the possibility of skipping over what you are looking for.

Agreed. If I'm not mistaken, drop-down boxes were present in Sublime Text 1 and went missing in ST2.