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I've also experienced ST hanging when loading a syntax definition while I was developing one on my own.

I could sum it down to the \G, \A and \Z matches. If you define a start or end pattern that only consists of one of these anchors ST will hang. You need to define at least one additional character (like ".") or use a lookahead/-behind if you don't want the character to be consumed. (e.g. "\G(?=.)")

Could be a completely different issue, though.


Should be "Build: Cancel" in the command palette.

The "workspaces" key in the sublime session file (<Data directory>/Settings/Session.sublime_session) defines a "recent_workspaces" key which then defines a list of the recent project's file paths. I did not test it, but if one can edit these keys manually and they have an effect I imagine that you can also write a plugin to do so.
Yeah, auto-clearing the list would be nice. I do happen to rename a project's path/name or even move it. When I open it again from the new path I have 2 entries of that project in the list. And one of them is dead.


 Try `view.settings().set("build_system", "Packages/Pack/Build.sublime-build")` in the console.

 view.window() is unsafe in a few situations. As a workaround you can use sublime.active_window() in most cases.

Well, that does not solve the fact that view.window() *is* unsafe.

 Sublime Text is not an OSX-only application. An option or the possibility for this to be themeable would be nice instead.

 Tbh I never had a problem with that behaviour. Could you provide an example for better imagination?

Yeah, the marker moves when you press enter. But since that's the way these regions work there is apparently no other way besides diffing the whole file with the saved version every time you modify it (or with a delay of like 2 seconds). At least I can't think of any.
And the interfering with other plugin's marks (other regions with a gutter mark) is also unavoidable.

This is as far as you can reasonably get with a plugin, the rest would require changes on the side of ST itself.

I for once don't need such a functionality but maybe there are others.
This is likely to be a Windows issue itself. Sometimes it likes switching keyboard layouts randomly (well, almost). I think the default hotkey to change the keyboard locale is "Alt-Shift" - at least that's what I use to switch between German and Japanese.

Edit: You can check the current keyboard locale in the taskbar if you enabled it. This setting is window-depended, it changes for every window.