Your comments

What do you mean? You can simply add a new entry to it with the desired scope selector.

But I guess that you probably don't know what a scope is so take a look at this:
I can't remember the other places where you can read about scopes, but pressting "ctrl+alt+shift+p" on Windows/Linux will reveal the scope of the character following the caret.

So you mean to fold comments (and empty lines)?

The ''' or """ strings would be harder to define as "comments" (since they are valid code) but it should be easily doable with a plugin.

I did not find a way to prevent the auto-completion popup to show while still being able to show them when intended, not even with modifying "". Seems to be hardcoded or at least not pluginable.

I'm quite sure there was a thread regarding this in the forum but I can't find it anymore.

Yeah, I noticed this before. The editor should ask whether to create the directory (if it was renamed or deleted) or create it silently, but just failing is clearly wrong.

If the topic's what has been described by Joel, it should not be hard to write as a plugin. If you know some Python, go and try.

You can use the Ctrl+k, Ctrl+<n> (<n> being a number) to fold the whole code until level n (0 to unfold).

As an alternative, that is.

I'm interested in the macro expansion program you are using there. Does this work in every application?

I considered switching to an english layout a few times before but I never came to really use it because 1) of the non-existant national character keys (and the probable mess with a macro programm) and 2) I need to get used to it first and then also be able to use a keyboard that does not have the english layout, but I guess I can handle that.

The other thing is that I just buyed a new keyboard recently ...

You can also try to define on_load as well and use that to assign the group index after defining a value or something in on_new so this does not trigger more often than it should.