Unable to save file in a renamed folder

Ilja Orlovs 8 years ago updated by Jac Fitzgerald 7 years ago 6

Sumblime Text 2 is yielding "unable to save" error if one had attempted to save a changed file in the folder that had been renamed via Sumblime texts' interface.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Open project with non-empty directory (e.g. directory named "A")
  2. Open a file in that directory (e.g. file named "x.txt")
  3. Edit contents of "x.txt" (but do not save it back to the disk)
  4. Rename parent directory ("A" -> "B")
  5. Attempt to save changes in "x.txt"

Steps 3 and 4 are interchangeable.

Yeah, I noticed this before. The editor should ask whether to create the directory (if it was renamed or deleted) or create it silently, but just failing is clearly wrong.


Having the same issue. Any way around this?

 I can confirm, sublime doesn't not like you renaming the directory of open (specially modified) files.

I can understand it failing when I do it through an external file manager, BUT when I use sublime's rename folder functionality bad things happen if the files are open. IMO the correct solution would be for sublime to automatically move the modified file to the renamed folder.

I am trying to use sublime text 2, I am using it for Python, i tried to save a file as ex1.py however it says unable to save anyone have any ideas why this would be

Do you have write access to the path you are saving to? Did you use "save as"?

I'm seeing this for files without any directory renaming, I just created a bug for it: http://sublimetext.userecho.com/topic/159512-cant-save-any-file/