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Works great. Here is what the icon I just created:

Only problem is with pasting multiple lines but well, can't have everything I guess. I probably won't need it anyway, I like the "Show Unsafed Changes..." command.
>>> print('汉字')

What are you doing? Where do you insert this?
I like the idea but I think it would be difficult to maintain the "tmTheme" thing (compatibility with TextMate) and requires a new standard (and file extension).
Plugin would only be possible with GUI Python libs but none of them is distributed in ST2 by default (afaik).
On a side node, I found this screenshot recently and I really like how it looks like:

I don't know where it's from but it seems to have exactly what it takes to edit a color scheme. Would be really nice if this was to be implemented somehow. I'd also be satisfied with a plugin or the name of the program (and if it's usable on Windows).

Maybe combine with this and add a "live preview" functionality, or just a "Preview" button.

See also Color scheme preview on mousehover would be pretty awesome.
It should be "Enable title bar API hook", yeah. This can be useful when you want to prepend some information about files or projects yourself when handling with multiple windows as the title is the medium you are working with.
So, +1.