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ST3 does this, I'm now looking for the oposite..

Sorry, my mistake. ST2 opens a new window so fast in the same place as the previous one I couldn't notice it. The previous tabs were kept on an old window. This is no bug.

Before dragging the last new tab, you can open as many new buffers as you want and type into them. As soon as you do the drag and drop, all gets lost..

I just compiled TM2 and I'm really thinking about moving back again. There are features missing from ST2 that TM2 has (and the opposite too). I'm really thinking about changing efforts to TM2 as it will always be faster (it's C..) and has features I'm really missing from ST2 (like HTML preview).

This is very nice but definitely should be done using a plugin. Perhaps an API to get the handle of a side panel and then a python plugin could do anything with it. This way there wouldn't be any webkit dependencies and people could embed anything (webkit, mozilla, ie, video, 3d activex, ..). People not interested on this would not have any performance penalty.
This is generic and depends on the network layer. I had this problem with gedit on an sshfs. I tend to use Transmit with a sound notification (so I know, after hitting cmd+s when the file is really saved). Never, ever use save_on_focus_lost, at least for remote files. Even on local files you will step into dangerous stuff..
Here's a small plugin I did, you just need an icon on Packages/User/icons/linechange.png :

import sublime
import sublime_plugin

class EnsureClearChangedMarks(sublime_plugin.EventListener):
    def on_modified(self, view):
        icon = "../User/icons/linechange"
        mark = view.get_regions("changed")
        for s in view.sel():

        view.add_regions("changed", mark, "mark", icon, sublime.HIDDEN | sublime.PERSISTENT | sublime.DRAW_OUTLINED)

    def on_post_save(self, view):
If you use a linter (Sublime Linter), coding on python will trigger a warning (related to PEP 8 standard).
You can have custom icons. Look for the BracketHighlighter plugin on Package Control.

An example, for an icon on "Packages/User/icons/myicon.png" you use "../User/icons/myicon" (no png extension!).

 There's no need for this anymore..

File settings:

"draw_indent_guides": true