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That's not right. You can use view.set_status()
Just to clarify, you want to know the last cursor point of your files. Not a history of points inside a file, right? Cuz this seems to overhead and bookmarks seem a better option.
I like this and miss it. I'm going to make this on a plugin :)
Agree. This is an OS issue that can be solved with a 3rd party app.
You can easly do that in a plugin, and perhaps using the view status bar. You could add remote url, author name, branch, ...
This could be done similar to Build menu. It's simple to create a plugin to run a syntax checker command depending on the file extension/mime (example: php -l) and say ok or not. It might be possible to do it before saving (avoiding you to save a file without being ok).
I think that's a theme related issue. It can be easly changed on Packages/Theme - Default/tab_*
Now I see what you mean. You need a plugin that checks if current region is a multi-line comment, and on every new line it should place the asterisk and indent correctly.
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