selected tab should be more obvious

Vincent Côté-Roy 13 years ago updated by isatis 12 years ago 9
selected tab color should be more constrated against the others to be obvious which file you're editing.
I think that's a theme related issue. It can be easly changed on Packages/Theme - Default/tab_*

Locate this file:


Make a copy of the current file as a back up. (Always give yourself the chance to easily roll back changes in case your changes are not as good as you hoped.)

Now open the file in your favourite image editor and change the colour as you feel is best. As you save the changes to the file you should see the change in Sublime Text 2. If not then close and restart ST2 to see the changes.

The default theme should include a more obvious selected tab.

Compare this:


To this I made up this morning after been tired of looking for my current tab:


I like the default setting.

If you don't then, as you have demonstrated, it is not at all hard to customise the settings to one you prefer.

Let's not keep suggesting that the defaults be changed to our personal preferences and, instead, just share the tricks and methods we have found to set things to whatever personal settings we like so if someone else shares our taste in a given matter they can easily follow the instructions given to personalise things as they like.
This is mostly only a problem with the Monokai color scheme. With other themes it is more obvious. This may be the reason for differences in opinion.

With that said, I don't think I should have to edit the color of the button myself. The default shading for the tabs is unusable. I think it's poor design if everyone who uses the Monokai theme needs to change the colors themselves.
So your choice of colour scheme means everyone else has to lose a UI setup they like so your preference can be accommodated?

Grow up, people.

If Monokai is such a problem use another scheme.

If you want to use that scheme and know how to fix the problems it causes then do that. It has been explained several times how to do it and Darren Dub has shown you how to do what he did to fix it (I assume that the explanations for the fix have been posted publicly and not just multiple posts of moaning and kevetching?)

It is **not** okay is to expect that defaults be changed to make you happy even if it makes other people unhappy.

ST2 is able to be customised to your exact preference with minimal effort. Make use of that power to make yourself happy and stop with the 'change it for everyone to make me happier'. That's not an adult way to deal with the question at hand.
No, the ui should be designed as such that it works with all color schemes. Not being able to use my color scheme of choice is not a solution to the problem.
Ahhhh, do you see how that is different to your earlier posts?

What you are now saying is a more rational request.

But how many schemes do you want jps to individually test and confirm makes you happy?

How do the rest of us, let alone jps, know what you consider 'good enough'?

How about some words more like:

"I would like to make a feature enhancement suggestion. I suggest that the UI scheme be enhanced so when Monokai is the chosen colour scheme that the colour of the tabs be as in the example I have set out here. Do I have any support from other users for adding this as the tab colour when Monokai is the selected colour scheme? Does anyone else have a better suggestion for the tab colour for use with Monokai?"

Does that seem like some more constructive wording than "change the default!"?

BTW - If you vote down everyone who disagrees with you then you are going to find internet forums very cold and unwelcoming places. Beware of getting tagged as a troll.

1 - the default theme has a usability problem with this. If it's default, then it's a problem.
2 - I don't see how it can bother you in any way to have a more visible selected tab, so why do you care ?