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Use the Package Manager and install "Sublime Linter".  You can see more info on it here: 
You know you can actually type a @ into the gotoanything menu right?  You can type something like...

I used this one: 

However, you'll need to go into the Syntaxes folder and edit SASS.tmLanguage.  Just replace 

with this:
Sublime supports tmbundles (most of it at least).  Just download the textmate bundle and drop it in the user packages folder.  The only thing Sublime doesn't support right now is tmCommands, but snippets and the language files work.  I'm using Sublime for SASS right now and it's working fine.
It can be good and bad. I think changing it would mean you would have to stay within the scope of the snippet and sometimes it's handy to move around before you're done. However, hitting escape will "complete" the snippet without jumping through the rest of the fields. You can always see the status of how far you are through the snippet in the status bar (eg: Field 1 of 2).
This is functional right now on Windows (Win 7, build 2040). I believe it has been for a while.
50% with a minimum width would be ideal. No smaller than it is now, but let it get bigger if your view is wide.
It's under "Thanks"
The mini-map should always represent what is shown on screen. In Sublime Text v1, if the user had "scroll_past_end" disabled, it did as you say (stays at the bottom). However, if it is enabled, it should let you scroll just as far as you can with the scrollbar (as it also did in v1).