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Try this. Use your scrollbar or ctrl+down and scroll so that the top of your editor shows the last line of code from the document (doesn't even have to be that far). Then, slightly nudge the mini-map and it'll jump.
I was looking for the border around the active area as was added in. Thanks Jon.
I wouldn't consider this a priority either. It also wouldn't be a brand new editor. I think it would just be a way to view the language packages in the project navigator with add/edit/remove snippet functionality. Editing would load the snippet in the normal editing window with some extra fields along the bottom of the editor window in the same style as the find/replace fields to define the tab triggers and scope settings.

Again, this isn't a priority but would be very helpful in getting newer users familiar with snippets and more comfortable with the syntax. Textmate, InType, and E-TextEditor all have this functionality.
Not sure if the down-votes are for the extra weight. Please leave comments if otherwise, but if that is a concern, would it be possible to add this in via a package?
There aren't any resize handles in Windows or OSX either. When you mouse over the border you get the <-> cursor on Windows. If the cursor doesn't show up on Linux, I agree that needs to be fixed. However, I don't think I'd like dedicating extra width on the whole bar for a resize handle is necessary.
I think I am for this. I voted it up because it feels like moving the mini-map to the right has pushed it out of sight / out of mind. Though, I'm not sure how I'll like it next to the file nav bar either. I'm torn... If it's a simple thing to give us an option, that would be cool. Otherwise, not a big deal.