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 Before doing this accross internet, it would be nice to just have this work on a local network. With zeroconf protocols surch as bonjour and ahavi, you can detect all sublime text instances with the same plugin on the network and allow collaborative editing without any need for configuration like dukto r5 does for file sharing. That would be a great start.

1 - the default theme has a usability problem with this. If it's default, then it's a problem.
2 - I don't see how it can bother you in any way to have a more visible selected tab, so why do you care ?
Sublime Text. It works (TM)
Works great, thanks jon. And thanks for the new version. Your customer service makes your great product a terrific one. This is why I paid for it. This is why I convinced people to buy it instead of giving them my key when they asked.
Nobody had this problem but me ?
The default theme should include a more obvious selected tab.

Compare this:

To this I made up this morning after been tired of looking for my current tab:

+1 Word of mouth is the best selling pipe of ST anyway so the name can become prettier and less explicit.
Don't understand the downvote, no comments about it.