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The last built solve the problem. Thanks for fixing this. I made somebody else buy ST this week :-)
Correct me If I wrong, but SublimeREPL doesn't let you access your system shell and write some bash code, does it ? If if does, I'll be glad to adopt it.

Todo tags hiligth and a way to list them.
That would be really cool. I can totally imagine a 2 column layout with the console being on the right. That would be awesome.
Same for matching brackets/parenthesis. I need to almost leak my screen to be able to see these.
Same problem. I often use a two columns layout, and draging a tab from one column to another freeze the computer for seconds, then open an new window with the tag in it.

It's a very annoying bug because:

- it gets you out of the "zone" everytime, while the very best quality of ST is to let you work flawlessly.
- it freeze not just the app, but the entire desktop
- it eventually leads to the habbit of not using patterns that imply moving tabs, and you become less productive. Plus, it makes you "think about it" evey time you click on a tab.

I love ST, I paid for it, but this is really something that kills it.