Add special syntax highlighting for TODO comments

Alexander Dean 13 years ago updated by Pierre-Adrien B. 11 years ago 4
Like IntelliJ, would be nice if comments with the word TODO in them were highlighted in a different (high visibility) colour
It could also be a nice feature to have a list of the "TODO" tags somewhere in the UI.
Todo tags hiligth and a way to list them.
A similar function is provided by the SublimeTODO plugin: It shows you a list of all such "to do" comments.

It might be easiest to install it with Package Control (http://wbond.net/sublime_packages/package_control).

@Kai : Yes, but SublimeTODO doesn't provide any "in code" highlighting for TODO keywords. Vim does it, and it really helps to quickly locate those items in the source code.