Tab dragging is slow and buggy, almost always creates new instance

Scott Bowers 12 years ago updated by Jon Skinner 12 years ago 11
Ubuntu x64

When I drag a tab to reorder, sublime freezes for a moment and becomes unresponsive. If I move the cursor down (ever so slightly) it will almost always move the tab into a new instance, regardless of releasing the tab in the current instance's tab space. 

If I click a tab, wait a few seconds, and move the tab up some (def. not down) the other tabs will begin to animate as I move the tab.

If I at any point in time move the tab down slightly, sublime will freeze for several seconds.


Fixed in 2165
This is not the typical behavior. Do you have any plugins installed?
The last built solve the problem. Thanks for fixing this. I made somebody else buy ST this week :-)
No plugins. Vanilla install. I verified by moving my ~/.Sublime Text 2/  directory and restarting. Problem persists. Build 2134
Confirming the issue.
Ubuntu 11.04 x32, Gnome 2, Compiz.
Two different machines, same software setup.
I just updated to build 2139 and started having a similar issue. I'm not getting an noticeable lag, but moving tabs from one pane to another almost always creates a new instance. Ubuntu 10.10 x64, two different machines. No plugins.

I still have build 2126, and the issue is not present at all in that build.
I'm experiencing this issue too. Ubuntu 32bit, vanilla install. Let me know if you need any more information about the set-up.

Dragging the tab and holding it for a few seconds causes the entire system to freeze for about 15 seconds after letting go.

Here's a thread on the issue: http://www.sublimetext.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=3943

Same problem. I often use a two columns layout, and draging a tab from one column to another freeze the computer for seconds, then open an new window with the tag in it.

It's a very annoying bug because:

- it gets you out of the "zone" everytime, while the very best quality of ST is to let you work flawlessly.
- it freeze not just the app, but the entire desktop
- it eventually leads to the habbit of not using patterns that imply moving tabs, and you become less productive. Plus, it makes you "think about it" evey time you click on a tab.

I love ST, I paid for it, but this is really something that kills it.
This is still a problem, even under build 2157 (Ubuntu 11.10, 64-bit).
Build 2158 fixes this for me. Ubuntu 11.10 x64. Thank you! 
Yep, build 2158 fixes the problem! Thanks.
Build 2158 fixes on 11.04. Yeay! ^_^
Fixed in 2165