A way to reset the "go to anything" index

isatis 13 years ago updated 13 years ago 3
I often open files with sublime text that don't belong to my current project.

Unfortunatly they get added to the project "go to anything" index and now I got plenty of useless files, and some files are need are not in there.

We should be able to clear and rebuild the index.
Nobody had this problem but me ?
Only currently open files and files in open projects and available via Goto Anthing. Closing all files, and removing all folders will clear it out.

Very old versions of Sublime Text 2 used to populate it with recently closed files, but no current version does
Works great, thanks jon. And thanks for the new version. Your customer service makes your great product a terrific one. This is why I paid for it. This is why I convinced people to buy it instead of giving them my key when they asked.