Panel layout change doesn't work on Ubuntu 10.10

Sebastián Veggiani 10 years ago updated 10 years ago 6
Please, watch this screencast I've made to demo the problem: http://ubuntuone.com/p/cJ9/ (I have tried to upload the video to youtube but it didn't work)

This is not critical, but it's an interesting feature to have :)
Is someone else experiencing this problem?
From other reports of this problem, my understanding is that if you resize the window, the problem goes away. Could you confirm that for me?

Also, if resizing the window does fix the problem, does the window only have to be resized once, and then its still fixed for subsequent layout changes, or does it have to be resized after each layout change?
Hi Jon,

Resizing the window doesn't fix the problem for me on 2023 or 2025(dev). Is there any debug info I can send to you that could help you to track the issue?
If you could change the panel layout to vertical double pane, exit, and then email me your ~/.Sublime Text 2/Settings/Session.sublime_session file (or at least the "layout" section of it), that'd be great.

I've had a report from another user that they are able to drag from the edge of the side bar to get the first pane visible, as if it was created with the first pane taking 0% of the width and the second taking 100% (instead of 50/50 like it should be). Does this work for you?
Hi Jon,

I've emailed to you the sublime_session file.

Besides, I can confirm that dragging the sidebar the panels appear and I can resize them.

Anyway, I'm now going to check the dev build 2040 to see if this is solved and I'll post my findings later.

Thank you.
This should now be fixed in dev build 2040, at http://www.sublimetext.com/dev