Sync settings/themes/snippets/ etc (without Dropbox)

Luke Scott 13 year бұрын updated by Vladimir Starkov 11 year бұрын 18
I know some people symlink the folder with Dropbox... but it would be nice to have an official cross-platform Sync feature that allowed you to sync your preferences/settings/themes/snippets/etc... with all the computers you develop on.

If not hosted on the sublime website through some sort of account, perhaps something we can setup on a server or a dedicated machine.

The reason for this is I develop primarily on my work machine, but I have a computer at home I also do work on. Getting everything just right takes a little time, and being able to have all those changes as they happen by synced would be awesome.
Hadn't thought about that one. Still have to sync manually then, right?
I'd be down with Dropbox sync. This would make them easy to share too. 
I'm totally game for this since it's a pain in the neck to copy this shit between computers
So, when? :) I really would like this. 
Well one of the issues with this, is just to sync the user settings. What if we could sync the user settings, to either a gist, or a remote repo like github or bitbucket. If yoy support just pushing the changes out to a generic repo url, we could support any repo source. Except gists are fairly github specific. SO whenever you save any of the user specific settings files, it pushes them to either a gist, or a remote repo of some sort. I think this would be pretty slick
Another option for syncing, is rather that sync a crop ton of files for the plugins, just sync a list of downloaded, installed, enabled, disabled plugins. with once the file is synced, and you go to another computer with it synced as well, it will see you added a package and download it automatically. or if it sees the package was disabled, it will disable it. This could be done in one config file, which could sync with the usual user setting, mentioned in my other comment.


I suggested a sync solution with gist.github.com, please upvote it and/or start discuss.

I have news for you.
I finished plugin which is doing all that sync stuff you described. But for public release I need testers, Do you want to test this plugin?


Vlad, I have tried this. I have package control and node installed on my system. once I add the repository, nothing happens. It does not seem to download to my system either with the add repository command. Although, once I cloned it manually, it worked well. it created my settings repo here: 


Although, the default name is : Default (Linux).sublime-keymap 

I would change that to something static like "SublimeText2-Settings" since it will sync various settings files.

I missed step after adding repo, package became available to install

Default name is choosing by gist.github.com by the first file in the files in gist

I't so awesome that it works.

Have you tried to restore your settings back on the different machine with STsync?

I originally synced on a PC and it worked fine syncing up to github. At work, I installed it and it seemed that nothing happened. I also have node installed. No log files were generated in the packages logs directory. So I cannot send a log file.

I assumed you install plugin (not only add as repo).

If even nodejs console has not been splashed, than error happened in python wrapper, are any error in python console (ctrl+`) on editor start?

May be we should go in stsync github issues?