Make use of fallback fonts

Frank Smit 13 years ago updated by Roger Sperberg 11 years ago 3
Make use of fallback fonts so that Japanese (and Chinese, etc.) can be displayed if the currently used font doesn't support those characters.
I would love to see this implemented.
I'd also like this, but not for Japanese characters - I keep my Sublime profile in Git, and sync between my Windows boxes (work) and my Linux boxes (home) and they don't have the same fonts (Consolas isn't on Linux, and Consolata isn't quite as nice...)

If you could provide an array of suitable fonts, or a tuple, or whatever (similar to how css tries each font successively until it finds one that works) that would be extremely awesome.

In my case, the fallback font would be something that contains IPA characters, which aren't in most monotype fonts.