Linux: Trigger sftp mounting when you open a project

Scott Bowers 8 years ago updated by Shauna Gordon 7 years ago 1
On linux, when you have folders added to a project over an ftp or sftp mount, sublime won't auto mount the volume if the mount isn't already mounted.

Most applications will trigger automatically mounting the volume, but sublime does not.  This means when sublime opens the project, all of your files are opened, but they are empty.  You then have to mount the volume, cycle through all of your tabs and reload each one.

 This is one of the first things I noticed while trying out Sublime Text that I didn't like. It's quite annoying to have to go manually open the remote folder, instead of Sublime just triggering automounter.

A coworker of mine did point out that triggering automount is a mixed blessing (namely, for when you try to open the application without being on the network the remote folder is on), but that could be resolved with a simple notification that the mount point is unavailable and starting a new session (or offering to start a new session).