A Better Looking Find in Files Result Page

matrushka 13 years ago updated by robertcollier4 11 years ago 8
A better looking find in files results like AckMate Plugin for Textmate (https://github.com/protocool/AckMate) does. Current search results are shown in a bit confusing way.
This is still a killer feature in Textmate, and I would love to see this in Sublime Text. It's for me the only reason to consider using Textmate over Sublime text.
I just had to resort to TextMate for a refactoring with many global find/replaces. That's ok, but SublimeText should really, really offer something better than what's currently there (build 2111). What I like the most about TextMate's solution is that I can select some results and apply a replace only to them. The other thing I like is that the matching results are actually highlighted.

Definitely agree with beatlevic. This is the main thing making me think twice about purchasing Sublime Text (although I probably will anyway). The Find and Replace could be much better. I'm mainly hoping for syntax highlighting (http://sublimetext.userecho.com/topic/27209-add-syntax-highlighting-to-results-in-find-in-all-files/)

Agree with everybody, I still have to open up TextMate to use AckMate to search through the whole project.  It would be great to have this built right into Sublime Text 2.
Previous search results should cleared out each time at the very least

Espresso has a beautiful find and find & replace bar that would make a good model. It'd be worth looking at. It acts like super+i in that it goes to the first occurrence, and it also highlights all occurrences. Then you can replace one, or use the arrow to go to the next and replace it, or replace all. I'm sure other apps are like that too; I know Chocolate is like that too. They're both very intuitive. Functionality like that would be perfect for super+f, plus a separate multi-file search (shift+super+f), which TextWrangler does quite well (it opens a new window, and shows each occurrence in the top pane with a larger pane below it in which you can actually edit & save each file as you go through the results), would be great! Find & find/replace is the only thing that bugs me about Sublime, which is otherwise fantastic!


I just noticed that Sublime's "replace" panel behaves pretty much identically to Espresso and Chocolat's "find" (which does find/replace/replace all). That's awesome. So I switched super+f to pull up the "replace" panel instead, within my user keybindings:

{ "keys": ["super+f"], "command": "show_panel", "args": {"panel": "replace"} }

The only thing missing now is a count of occurrences found.