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I just noticed that Sublime's "replace" panel behaves pretty much identically to Espresso and Chocolat's "find" (which does find/replace/replace all). That's awesome. So I switched super+f to pull up the "replace" panel instead, within my user keybindings:

{ "keys": ["super+f"], "command": "show_panel", "args": {"panel": "replace"} }

The only thing missing now is a count of occurrences found.

Espresso has a beautiful find and find & replace bar that would make a good model. It'd be worth looking at. It acts like super+i in that it goes to the first occurrence, and it also highlights all occurrences. Then you can replace one, or use the arrow to go to the next and replace it, or replace all. I'm sure other apps are like that too; I know Chocolate is like that too. They're both very intuitive. Functionality like that would be perfect for super+f, plus a separate multi-file search (shift+super+f), which TextWrangler does quite well (it opens a new window, and shows each occurrence in the top pane with a larger pane below it in which you can actually edit & save each file as you go through the results), would be great! Find & find/replace is the only thing that bugs me about Sublime, which is otherwise fantastic!

File type icons would be very useful, as they convey useful visual information. But I could probably live without little icons of folders to save on the visual clutter because they don't convey any really useful information. Having individual file type icons would already help to distinguish folders from files and the current little arrow icon represents directories well, since "open" or "closed" is the useful visual information for those. So...file type icons would be awesome. But folder icons, I think I'd prefer to not have. My 2 cents.