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Well... I reserve "better" until we have a solid idea. :)

Poor Jon, he's probably like, "dammit I don't want this extra work!" :)
@aristidefl: I don't know about the breadcrumbs and I did think about the status bar... my initial reaction was "great, make me look down instead of up" to see the filename.

But, if I eye-tracked myself I'd admit that it perhaps doesn't matter... as long as there's some means of seeing the full filename somewhere.

There's a lot of empty real estate in the status bar, so you guys are starting to change my opinion about this. However, note that the display file path in status bar feature has very few votes. (Want a tabbed title bar? Want ybakos to stop whining? Vote for the 'display file path in status bar' issue and note the 'dependency' with this 'unified bar' thread.)

As for convincing Jon... you're on your own. In my opinion, implementing tabs in the title bar and preserving the tabs when going full screen, etc will take some work. (Hey you, buy a license!)

There's a lot of real estate in that status bar, I think this might be a nice feature, and would allow for a tabbed titlebar while preserving the ability to have the full filename displayed somewhere in lieu of the title bar.

You guys must live in a world of short filenames.
The main drawback of "chrome-like" tabs in the menubar is that the tabs are fixed-width, resulting in truncated filenames. Furthermore, giving up the titlebar doesn't allow the user to see the full path / long filename in the title bar.
Has this feature regressed? I can't seem to navigate the sidebar as I could in build 2139.
Hopefully sales revenue will allow Jon to hire a little help dedicated to strong doco and tutorials. (Have you purchased a license?)
Ah, thanks Jon. cmd-w works for me.

Thanks for a great editor.

This always bites me in the ass and interrupts flow.

When renaming a file, any tabs that had the file open should be "renamed" as well and be bound to the newly named file.

BTW, is there a default keybinding for "rename current file" for the tab under focus?

The latest version of ST2 supports this out of the box: Cmd-Shift-D.

 This isn't quite fixed. There's clipping on the right side of the characters. I've attached a pic. Notice the 'm' in 'sym' before the right bracket. (Yes, osx)