Some clipping occur at some characters when draw_white_space is all. Is this inteded or a bug?

matrushka 13 years ago updated by ybakos 13 years ago 4
as seen in http://img220.imageshack.us/img220/721/screenshot20110202at653.png the "@" characted is clipped while i draw_white_space setting is all and font is Monaco. This does not happens when i am using Courier New. Yet it can be observer in some other fonts (i tried "Helvetica Neue" but it is not monospace etc.). So is this an intended result or a bug?
Sounds like you're on OSX?

I have not encountered this on Windows 7 at least.
yes im on OSX 10.6.6
fixed with relase 20110203

 This isn't quite fixed. There's clipping on the right side of the characters. I've attached a pic. Notice the 'm' in 'sym' before the right bracket. (Yes, osx)