Your comments

For the record: there's a plugin going that direction.. but unfortunately not quite:
-1 from me: Though it'd be a nice feature per se, i'd rather see the coding time for such a feature invested in places where it makes more sense.. and it's not like one had to do an update each and every day, right?
No, Mac Users don't have to buy any soft for that.. Macfuse (or derivates) is your friend.
Haven't tested it.. why is it crap?
Other than that: what's special about the way Notepad++ does it?
In combination with my proposal* of connecting matching brackets in the gutter a la jEdit this'd indeed be a nice helper for editing vast streches of code... +1

Sure, the _looks_ of jEdit are plain awfull all over.. ;) but it's about the generall idea.

About any placement/position in the UI: dunno.. in jEdit you can dock (click to expand..) or position any plugin with a UI wherever you like. In generall i prefer "short distances" in a gui.. both for hand/mouse as the eye.. hence i'd say somewhere on the top'd be best. For the same reason i personally would e.g. prefer the serach/replace UI rather on the top than at the bottom. But since it's a matter of personal preference, eventually an option to place such UIs either top or bottom would be nice and suit all.. so if this breadcrumb was a plugin, i'd think a nice solution would be a user pref to
  • either invoke it by a combo,
  • or have it stay on screen per user pref..
  • as well as the positioning top/bottom.
There are tons of utilities which provide this feature on the OS level.. where it makes more sense anyway. Hence my -1 ..