FTP Integration

Benny Schmidt 8 years ago updated by Dylan Glockler 7 years ago 10
It would be nice to have integrated S/FTP in Sublime like in Notepad++ right under the or as an sidebar.
I'm now using Transmit and that makes Sublime crash sometimes.
The plugin is crap. I would like so see native integration like in Notepad++ (although it's handled like a plugin there).

Not sure why someone would say it's crap..? It was just what I was looking for. I can save and the file uploads very quickly - almost instant. Just what I was looking for at least so far.

Haven't tested it.. why is it crap?
Other than that: what's special about the way Notepad++ does it?
In Notepad++ S/FTP is natively integrated into a sidebar that can be opened. It feels just like a local filetree in Sublime Text 2.

I've been waiting on Jon for quite a while to add a side bar API so that I can present remote files in a more sane way. Unfortunately it seems this is somewhat of a low priority for him.

certainly on Linux, one would normally just mount the SFTP folder so it can be used as though it were a local filesystem
I realise this may not necessarily be what you want for web development, where you don't want to publish the changes until you have tested them locally, but the uploading to an FTP site could be done as part of the project's build script instead? :)
I have no problem with that but Mac and Windows-Users are forced to use or even buy software to do that. On Windows most of them aren't working so well and on Mac OS X everything is more expensive due to the Mac App Store.
No, Mac Users don't have to buy any soft for that.. Macfuse (or derivates) is your friend.
I've used them a few months ago but they suddenly stopped working and caused several kernel panics (maybe because it isn't really made for OS X Lion) so I bought Transmit. It's working now but I would like to see a solution integrated into ST2.