Advanced clipboard : Paste From History

Alex Pirine 12 years ago updated by Joel Thornton 12 years ago 3
As a TextMate user, a great feature I am missing in Sublime Text 2 is a clipboard that remembers previously copied items.

In TextMate it is very easy to select a few words you need to copy from one document, and then paste each one of them at the right place using Cmd + Shift + V.

I would buy if this feature, among with other improvements, was implemented.
There are tons of utilities which provide this feature on the OS level.. where it makes more sense anyway. Hence my -1 ..
I agree with this. Having a system-wide clipboard history utility, which works across all your apps, is useful in so many ways. Even if ST2 supported this natively I would still prefer the system-wide approach.

Slightly relevant sidenote: in ST2, if you have multiple cursors/selections going and you cut/copy, you can then reposition those cursors and paste and get the intuitively expected "paste the corresponding clips" behavior. Great time saver.