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I believe this is fixed in the latest version, but I don't know how to close posts.
Yes I agree, this indentation style is not uncommon.
I've included a screen shot where the match is the 47th result, note the location of the scroll bar.


I have a project with about 35,000+ files which you can check out (SVN) at

as user "guest" with no password.

Then try opening ""

I'm amazed at the speed it returns results but it is returning this file near the bottom.
I'd like to add that it is especially problematic when you have situations like finding a file called :

It will match:







When all you want is a file called

In my case, the file I was looking for was the 47th result.

I will still vote for this Idea because I would also like to bind mouse keys!
Yes please! Having to hunt for the highlighted text makes find not very useful.

I've tried many color schemes and most if not all have this problem.
Why stop at the back and forward mouse buttons. The new G700 mouse has 11 buttons!