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That has been in place for quite a long time, at least for Mac and Windows.

Try the Change List package, it remembers the 50 previous locations and lets you switch between them easily.

Ctrl or Cmd. So, what's daft with that? TextMate 2 also uses Ctrl. I don't have 1.5 handy, but I'm pretty sure you'd press some modifier key together with return there as well.

But there is. All the links under Download on that page are for Sublime Text 2.0.2.

Ore even simpler, click at the syntax indicator at the lower right of the window, select Open all with current extension as... and then select Tcl.

Well, you can set "auto_match_enabled" to false in your user settings file. That will turn off all auto matching, i.e. for parenthesis, brackets, braces, and quotes. If you want to keep some but not all of the auto matches, you can copy the corresponding key bindings and change them to suit your work flow. 

So, add a key binding yourself. Put something like

{"keys": ["shift+meta+p"], "command": "expand_selection_to_paragraph"}

in your user key binding file.

Diacritics don't have anything to do with case sensitivity. But I do agree that a diacritics-stripping search could be handy. That would have to be locale dependent, since diacritics work differently in different languages.

Selection / Expand Selection to Scope should do the  trick.