Intelligent cursor movement

Afflicto 11 years ago updated by Sven Axelsson 11 years ago 1

So, I have this neat idea when it comes to navigation a file solely by the keyboard.

Here's how it works (Consider a class, as in programming):

You are at line 8, adding a class property. Then, you quickly move your cursor down to line 25, type your method and realize you need to rename the property. Now, since you've "been" at line 25 for a few seconds, sublime "remembers" that position, now when you quickly move back up to line 8 and rename your property, you can hit hotkey X to return to the previous "remembered" line.

What do you think?

The "time" required to stay at a line for it to be "remembered" could be like 3-5 seconds or perhaps user configurable.

Try the Change List package, it remembers the 50 previous locations and lets you switch between them easily.