Expand selection to quotes

Alessandro Zanardi 11 years ago updated by ekard 7 years ago 4

It would be lovely and useful to have a shortcut to expand the selection to quotes. Currently I use often expand selection to line / word / brackets, but I can't find a way to expand it just to text in between quotes.

Wouldn'it be cool to have this feature in the next Sublime Text release? Vote it!   :)

Selection / Expand Selection to Scope should do the  trick.


Hi Sven, thanks for the suggestion! It does what I meant, and it's a perfect fix for the moment. The only minor inconvenience is that using "Expand selection to scope" Sublime Text inlcudes the actual quotes in the selection.

It would be cool to have a quick shortcut to change the content inside them, without having to re-type the quotes each time  :)

You could use a macro: "Expand selection to scope", "Insert quotes"


Meanwhile there is a package that does the trick: Use package control -> install package -> expand selection to quotes.

I tested this on sublime text 3 but I suppose it also works on st2