Feature request: show command palette for chord keybindings

lanzz 12 years ago 0

For chord keybindings (e.g. ⌘K⌘U), it would be very helpful if the command palette pops up after the first key to show all possible commands bound to chords starting with that key, e.g. pressing ⌘K would open the command palette, filtered to show only these commands:

  • ⌘K⌘T Fold tag attributes
  • ⌘K⌘J Unfold all
  • ⌘K⌘L Lowercase
  • ⌘K⌘U Uppercase
  • ⌘K⌘B Toggle Side Bar

This will help immensely with rarely-used commands, allowing the user to remember only the initial key of the chord. For example, I use many Git bindings regularly, but it is practically impossible to remember the bindings I use very rarely, and when I need one of them I either have to filter the command palette by "Git:", or give up and do the task in a terminal. Still, I know all of them are bound to chords starting with ⌘G, and having a visual aid would allow me to complete the chord by shortcut, much quicker than filtering around the palette.