Pasting lines to multiple cursors

colinta 8 years ago updated 7 years ago 3

I'm using ClipboardManager, so it might be that this is a problem with the plugin. But I doubt it — the behavior is too weird, and all that ClipboardManager does is `self.view.run_command('paste')`.

When I copy, say, a word, and then place a few cursors and paste, it is pasted correctly.

But when I select a line (including the NL at the end - that's important) and then copy and paste that to multiple cursors, only the first cursor pastes. So it has something to do with pasting a "line" instead of "words".

Just to keep things interesting, if I copy multiple lines instead of just one line, it pastes fine again.

Srsly, who down votes a bug report.  I mean, at least have the decency to leave a helpful comment.  Is it not happening on your computer?  It is consistently happening on mine.

Same problem, and it continued when I disabled my clipboard plugin, actually pasting in a NUL at my second cursor.

Yeah, I get that same NUL symbol.