// Feature Request: Better Bracket Highlighting

Sebastian Seelig 8 years ago updated by Andrey Belkov 8 years ago 3
I love your editor, but it need a better bracket highlighting.

Positioning the caret immediately after a bracket will highlight the corresponding closing or opening bracket (assuming it is visible), and draw a scope indicator in the gutter.

This is done perfectly in jEdit.

See a screenshot here:

Here you can see a line on the side matching the matched function brackets.

Please implement this for a bette experience :-)

Best regards
I join this request. A better (the best) bracket work is in russian sciTe of version 3. Now this is my choise and I would like to replace it to ST2 but still can not.

There is a need to highlight brackets allowing customly to bold/italic/change fontSize. Those settings are gonna be able to be aplied to any type of character

People don't request this just because of they had no happines to work in ru-sciTe 3

Its better to have duplication of imortant things then leave them without attention.