Support for xdebug breakpoints, or a way to add support via plugin

Luke Scott vor 13 Jahren aktualisiert von Elite9 vor 12 Jahren 17

Would be awesome to be able to debug PHP code within Sublime Text. xdebug provides breakpoint support. Basically need a way to place breakpoints, highlight the line, etc...

So either built in support for xdebug, or the means for a plugin to respond to placed breakpoints and display debug data.

I'd love this feature, too :)
this is really helpful
I'd like this, but it feels like it should be a plugin to me
definitely a plugin +1
Mac users can try this standalone client for xDebug in the meanwhile
It seems that there is a plugin for vim written in python..
Maybe someone wants to have fun and convert it for sublime text ?

MacGDBp didn't work for me. It's really buggy. I use Netbeans for xdebug stuff, which has led me to use Netbeans more for development. Netbeans is a good IDE, it's just heavy. It has a lot of "nice" features, it just isn't as powerful of an editor as Sublime. So I use both. But I would use just Sublime if I had xdebug and git integration

Yeah.. I'm having some problems with MacGDBp as well.. I guess I will turn to IntelliJ/PHPStorm
Sublime is so great as it is, having to use something else to debug with is a compromise I'm willing to make.

But Sublime with PHP debugging ... amazing!

+1 ... would really be great!
+1. It's the only thing missing!
Thanks Gavin, managed to get this installed and running. Only thing I can't work out how to do is view the stack trace.. the first time I selected Stack trace from the menu an empty tab opened, but did not get populated through the debug session. Now when I select Stack trace nothing happens at all.

Is anyone else having trouble with that or have any idea what the problem might be?
check the console for errors
Ok thanks. It has decided to work now for what ever reason. But good to know I can refer to the console to see what's going on. Is there any way to view the value of variables etc when the debugger comes across them?  Or has that not been implemented yet?
it's being discussed here but it might be useful if you create a more explicit issue (on the plugin page)
this would be good plugin