OSX: Clicking on a backgrounded window should bring it to the foreground and nothing else

adzenith 13 år siden opdateret af Agostino Carandente 13 år siden 4
In OS X, when you click on a backgrounded window the window typically gets pulled to the fore and does nothing else. Currently in ST2 clicking on a backgrounded window will change your selection etc. in addition to pulling it into the foreground.

To phrase it differently: the click semantics in OSX are different than ST2. When clicking on a window that does not have focus, ST2 gives it focus, but also performs a cursor-move, which potentially affects the currently-selected text.

The use case I have for this: I have an append-only file that I make journal entries in. I keep the cursor at the end of the file, but each time I focus on this window using the mouse, the cursor is placed where I clicked. All I wanted was for the window to get focus, and I didn't want to change the state of the window.

I would like to see a global preference called something like "reposition_on_mouse_focus" that I would set to False, because I want to disable the reposition part of the mouse click action.
AFAIK we need a click_thru setting - similar to X11 on OSX provides... or hardcode it, if flexibility creates trouble here. The default platform specific behavior has priority.

Not a solution, but you can use ctrl+u to undo the last action, which should restore your selection(s).

Gets me everytime I click. It's the only really “wrong” thing about OS X integration I found though.

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