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With the alpha release of Sublime 2, I think that a new logo should be bundled with it

Maybe it's just me, but I find the current icon doesn't describe the application very well. From what I can tell, it's supposed to display that Sublime is focused on the middle of the window, ergo, the code.

A new logo and icon would add a new lease of life to it. Especially for advertising the new editor!

I'm not a designer myself so I wouldn't be able to do this myself. And like always, this is just an idea!
I second this because of the similarities between the sublime icon and the gnome-terminal icon in Ubuntu. Because the icons are very similar, it takes more than a quick glance to differentiate the two. Comparison: http://i.imgur.com/s24Ze.png
This is good idea, but not now. As i think, now we need more functionality and internal work, rathen than design. Also, we have just one developer :(
The current icon is *really* nondescriptive. It doesn't need to be very fancy, but something else than a black square with a white border would at least make it stand out a little in a dock, so i don't need to hunt around to find it :)
I agree. I find myself constantly confusing it for the Mac OS terminal icon when in a hurry.
I think this is a very good idea. It doesn't necessarily have to be soon, but sometime before release of 2.0. I think it is essential to build a identity for the app which it seems to be lacking at the moment.
If you'd like to get us Mac users you really should add a nice App-Icon! Sorry, but the current icon isn't more than a placeholder...
(I'm really an icon junkie!)

While this isn't related to functionality it seems like it would be straightforward delegating this to a designer or holding a logo design contest.

The existing logo isn't very noticeable, particularly when alt-tabbing.

I agree. The current icon looks *really* out of place on my Mac. Frankly it makes my dock look ugly. I know it's primarily a tool for getting things done but in the Mac community there's this culture of aesthetics.

I have long time ago replaced original icon with: 

It looks great to me, has stylized S from Sublime, arrows pointing to center could symbolize concentration and so on.

The only thing to note - it's under GPLv3 licence.

Download SVG

If you need inspiration, take a look at Things from CulturedCode: http://culturedcode.com/things/ Great icon, great UI design too

With each beta release, Sublime 2 continues to impress and draw folks from other editors... I say leave the icon design to professionals, and pay someone to do it right.

Here are a few of my favs:




+1, as long as you contact/hire a professional who doesn't suck. After all it was a professional who redesigned the Gap logo :(
You could always just "adapt" the icons from the OS to include white-on-black. On OS X, the TextEdit icon is actually not so beautiful imo, but there is something satisfying about seeing similar icons side-by-side in my Dock. Another downside - probably not legal

How about a vote to see which one people like best?

I particularly love this one, submitted on the forums by @natebeaty :-)
Maybe the logo should be a submarine with a lime on it. ;)
This version is really great. It is simple, but detailed and is in the spirit of the original icon: http://dribbble.com/shots/311515-A-Sublime-Text-2-Icon-that-is-less-horrible
I'm personally partial to this one, and think its much better than the current official icon, and other replacements I've seen:


I use this icon (and the accompanying document icons included in the github repo linked above) on OS X and it looks great. 

Gotta love us mac users and our obsession with icons, lol.

Can't somebody come up with an icon that isn't a big "S" on a square background?

A good icon for the sublime by Dmitry Svetlichny 


I do like this one better but it's still just a big S on a more or less square background. :P

Can you imagine if every app icon was just a big letter on a square background? I still think a submarine made out of a lime would be awesome. ;)

I agree with Dan Rogers, we should leave the icon design ro proffesionals... Sublime text deserves anything less than a breath taking icon...


Guys, Sublime has a new Icon since a long time. This should be closed, if you still dont like Sublimes Icon, design it yourself. There are more important tasks to take care of, than the goddamn icon... seriously!

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