URI Scheme handler

Tingan 12 years ago updated by anonymous 8 years ago 4
It would be nice if sublime could develop this feature:


I think a lot of people needs it

Completely agree! I'm relying on third party plugins at the moment, but they're completely different on OSX, Windows (and there doesn't seem to be one for Linux).

My use case is: I've written a really simple error handler in PHP, that beautifies PHP error messages and provides a HTML link which takes me straight to the file, line and column in Sublime.

I'd suggest following TextMate's format exactly (it's nice to have a standard), but use sublime: or subl: as the protocol. Maybe even a user preference to grab txmt URLs too, as a lot of debugging tools already use this.

This post is a duplicate of http://sublimetext.userecho.com/topic/97042-url-sheme-support-subletc/

Upvote that one too if this is important to you.


That post is removed. Hope this one would not be.

It seems for some people subl-handler doesn’t work as expected. Here’s my two cents: https://github.com/exalted/sublimetext-launcher