Prompt if need elevated permission to save on Windows (and Linux if that also doesn't work)

imperfect 12 years ago updated by Luis Raúl Medina 8 years ago 16

This has already been added for OS X, but not for Windows (at least Windows 7 x64) and possibly not for Linux.

ST should automatically ask for admin password, if not already running as admin, when saving to a folder that requires admin privileges.

Created this new topic as other ones are already marked as completed.

Here is link to previous completed suggestion: 27820-prompt-if-need-elevated-permission-to-save


I can confirm that this does not work in linux.

I want to point out, as in the original topic, that if the file does not exist, but the write permissions of the directory require root (or admin for windows I suppose) that it just gives an error instead of elevating privileges to write to the directory.

On windows, if the file already exists, it just displays a dialog saying it is unable to save the text file...

and if the file doesn't already exist, it displays a dialog saying that you don't have permission to save in this location, with the option to save in My Documents folder instead...

For informational purposes, another text editor I use, EmEditor, informs you admin permission is needed and offers the option to elevate - for both existing and new files (note: the whole text editor doesn't elevate, it uses a separate process to perform the save)...


This basic issue is a year old. It has been fixed for Mac and marked as completed (Apple is all that counts?). This has got to be a joke. I paid 60$ for a text editor that is not taken care of at all. Last update has been half a year ago and I keep running into basic issues. Really...... 


Support for Linux would be awesome!


+1 for Windows support please.


This would be awesome, still stuck with "sudo vim" for stuff I want to edit with superuser permissions.


As a workaround on Linux, you can try something like this:

EDITOR="subl -w" sudo -e /etc/hosts

What I do, and is really not comfortable, is: change files/folders permissions to me, edit/save, return them to apache. Maybe my situation could be improved, hw, it was the only solution I was able to do.... (just working with linux for a month :-/)


Just created a plugin solving this problem on windows and linux https://github.com/azubr/Superlime

thx! azubr!
it does solve the problem!
Good job! lol

Many Thanks for the plugin azubr. I think is not the best solution but It works three years later. Great work.

Thanks for the plugin azubr, works great.