Drag ’n’ Drop files from the filesystem into the sidebar

Michael Kühnel 12 lat temu Ostatnio zmodyfikowane przez Abdallah 5 lat temu 3

Wouldn’t it be nice if it where possible to drag a file from the »Mac OS Finder« or »Windows Explorer« in a folder within in the sidebar?

In the filesystem the file should be moved (or copied) to that »new« destination.

The main use case is the following:

You downloaded a JavaScript library, jQuery Plugin or whatever on your computer to your download directory. Instead of browsing to your target destination (your project root) within the Finder you could simply drag the file(s) to your editor and drop it at the desired location.

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This would be a great feature !

As a workaround, you could right click in your HTML file > Reveal in Finder, and then use that new Finder window as the destination for your drag and drop of CSS or whatever files.

You could probably streamline that further by binding the "Reveal in Finder" functionality to some keyboard key.


I think you should install the package "FileOpTabContextMenu". it will add lots of options to the context menu