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I think this is a pretty good idea. It could get a little weird if you use multiple monitors as you may find yourself unintentionally mousing over the minimap often. Though, as you say, if the view resets upon mouse-out that would likely be a minor issue.

Adding an option to disable it completely would probably make everybody happy.

You can get the same effect by using ST2's multi-window support.

Drag an open file's tab from the tab bar to somewhere outside of ST2. When you release the mouse button ST2 will open a new window for that tab. You can then set both ST2 windows to dual-pane-vertical layout, hiding the sidebar with Ctrl+B in one of them if desired.
This would be nice to have, and really is two separate possible items:

# Create a syntax highlighting file for the Find Results format.
# Actually perform per-file-specific syntax highlighting in the Find Results buffer.

I think most folks would appreciate just having the benefits of the first item. The second item, while cool, would probably take significantly more doing, and doesn't buy you *that* much in terms of actual valuable functionality.
"Use Buffer" does indeed do what the poster asked for (actually better).

However, I didn't realize what Use Buffer's function was until I read Jon's comment here; it wasn't clear to me what it would be using the buffer *for*.

If the tooltip read "Show results in buffer" I think this would be more obvious.
The context menu of the FILES header in the sidebar would be another good/logical spot for a "Close All Files" option.
Big fan of this suggestion. The lack of this functionality is one of only two reasons I still switch to another editor anymore (the other being a print option). Of course, not having my currently open files or project present in the other editor complicates the matter.
It might make the most sense to only play the effect when the text buffer is forced to scroll to display a match.