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 I can confirm, sublime doesn't not like you renaming the directory of open (specially modified) files.

I can understand it failing when I do it through an external file manager, BUT when I use sublime's rename folder functionality bad things happen if the files are open. IMO the correct solution would be for sublime to automatically move the modified file to the renamed folder.

Fixed in Version 2.0.1 
Linux: Added support for mice with more than 5 buttons
there are a 3 .sublime-mousemap files (windows, linux, and mac) you can edit, their syntax is not that complex, it's similar to other sublime configuration files. if all you want is to remove some bindings i guess you can just delete the appropriate parts.
Also, sort by filetype would be handy...
in general a sort by.. options would be good for both open files ( and for project folder files
in build 2139 (at least) you can select the text and arbitrarily fold it  with ctrl+shift+]
indented or not

However it is true that the arrow only work on indented code

But could this be done on a per project basis?

Is it possible (and if so, how? - if not, could it be?) to set the default syntax for certain file extensions on a per project basis?
that is, I wanna open .html files in one project using a certain tmLanguage file
but I wanna keep the default on other pojects.