Sort files in sidebar by modification time

Clayton Hynfield 13 years ago updated by Andrew Yurisich 11 years ago 4
Being able to sort files in the sidebar by modification time would make it super-easy to find and edit recently and frequently modified files, without ever having to leave Sublime Text.  Would be especially handy for folders with lots of files.
Also, sort by filetype would be handy...
in general a sort by.. options would be good for both open files (http://sublimetext.userecho.com/topic/92056-provide-a-sort-option-for-open-files-in-the-sidebar/) and for project folder files
Maybe even the ability to filter the files displayed similar to workgroups in Eclipse. 

 I'd suggest to adjust sorting by file name only (without extension). This is how most IDEs under Windows behave. Sublime Text doesn't distinct file name and extension while sorting. Don't think it's good.


Also, from a simpler perspective, sorting by Z - A (reverse) would be helpful for my logs folder in my project (that gets a datetime in the name). Scrolling to the bottom for the latest log is no fun.