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What about a plugin to always move the current tab to the 1st place? That would result in Most Recently Used order.

Is there a way to select the highlighted matches?

Both find_under_expand and find_all commands select substring matches, besides the highlighted matches.

This is dangerous, I just lost all my work because of this.

When the network drive gets mounted, sublime ask if the user wants to reload, but it just overwrites the file on disk with a blank version. 

ACE is indeed turning an interesting option. 
It already supports multiple cursors and everything. 
Wondering if it would be possible to use his colab engine in Sublime and if anything would be gained by that..
Some options:
1. Get a lot more votes.
2. Sent resented heartfelt emails directly to John about this.
3. Write a blog post about how sublime text 2 doesn't play well with OS X, and take advantage of Mountain Lion momentum to make it reach the top hacker news. Make sure John see's it.

The first would be the polite way to go, but you probably can't compete with the other features which are OS agnostic and have much more popularity.

If you are not afraid to play dirty, the last would probably be the most efficient. Also it would help to get mor votes indirectly.

Choose your poison

the virtues of simplicity
@Sven they are not in the sidebar
Chocolat has the option to replace Open Files list in the sidebar with a Recent Files list.

Recent files:


Conventional View:

So you agree it's not hard