folders in projects

Michael Kaiser-Cross 13 years ago updated by Dario Mangoni 7 years ago 4
For example I would like to create a project titled currentProjects with ProjectA, ProjectB, ProjectC each of which I can mix files and folders from different locations on my computer.
Kind of like the menu item "Project"->"Add Folder to project"? :)
Actually no. With that option you can only add folders that exist on your computer. What I am talking about is being able to add text files from two different filesystem folders and add them to a "virtual folder" inside a project. Basically projects within projects or "project folders".
the virtues of simplicity

I'm a Notepad++ user and I highly recommend this function in Sublime. It is one of the main reason I stick with NPP.
In Notepad++ you can just create your own "virtual folders" in which you can put links to whatever file you want.
So, for example, I can have a Notepad++ project that gathers all the CMakeLists.txt for a specific application, and so on...