Visual feedback when browsing the views stack

aristidesfl 12 years ago updated 12 years ago 2
Using a combination of "Goto Anything..." + "next/prev_view_in_stack" can be a very efficient complement/alternative to tabs, both in terms of speed and space.

When browsing the views in the stack, a representation of the views, and an indicator of witch view is currently being displayed would be really useful (pretty much like the application switcher in Windows, Ubuntu(alt+tab) or Mac OS X(cmd+tab)). 

This could be achieved with a palette containing the views in the stack, which gets shown when the "next_view_in_stack/prev_view_in_stack" is called, and dismissed when the modifier key (cmd/alt/ctrl) used in the shortcut is released.

The one thing I miss from NetBeans. 
Chocolat has the option to replace Open Files list in the sidebar with a Recent Files list.

Recent files:


Conventional View: